By peoplebeforecreeds

Philosophy and Trans Activism: First Impressions

These are just some initial observations and partially-formed thoughts regarding support for trans activism in current philosophical work.¹ There are more specific issues and questions I hope to write about (once I’ve had the chance to do a bit more research) but, tentatively:   (so far, based on my incomplete(!) examination of the literature) For the most part, it is assumed that any definition of “woman” must include trans women, and the argument proceeds from there. When this is not simply assumed, the case is made using some combination of 1. biological sex is a spectrum and/or socially constructed, 2.…

Lesbian Archives: Olivia Records and Anita Bryant

In 1977,  Olivia Records released Lesbian Concentrate: a Lesbianthology of Songs and Poems. Initially a response to Anita Bryant’s Briggs Initiative campaign, it remains an “energetic affirmation of lesbian identity and culture.”¹ It’s available for free streaming and download (creative commons) at       ¹liner notes